Flower Available

F1 Durban Moon , Sour dub, gelato 33, platinum Mamosa, wedding cake ( Jay Beezy cut ),  gelato mints , Lemon cake , Ice cream cake, Mac 1, Strawberry lava cake, gas station, monster Profit, blue banner.

For the greenhouse/outdoor we got SFV and OG at a discounted price !

And concentrates we have wedding cake, lime sherbet, Don Carlos, blueberry iced cream and gelato Sauce, crumble, diamonds , shatter, live resin, and  Vape carts. Edibles =100 mg  – 500  mg gummy’s from 207 edibles,   tastefully baked , and Cannabis Culture Co. Various milligram chocolates and hard candies. THC drinks from 207 edibles and ice cream from tastefully baked company. Along with several other items for skin care,  cooking and fresh apparel.