South Portland Recreational Cannabis Dispensary | Concentrates

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?
Cannabis concentrates are refined, more potent forms of marijuana derived from the flower of the plant. Concentrates are made using a process called extraction, which isolates and removes the essential compounds in cannabis, specifically, cannabinoids (like THC) and terpenes.

What is terpenes in CBD?
Terpenes = Natural compounds found in the flower or bud of the cannabis or hemp plant. Terpenoids = Chemically created through a process of drying and hardening cannabis flowers. Where to find them – Full Spectrum CBD oil will contain CBD terpenes naturally. CBD isolate will not have any because it is pure CBD

Pay online and pickup order in our South Portland store. Or choose FREE delivery to the towns of: Cape Elizabeth, Falmouth, Portland, Scarborough, South Portland and Westbrook. *** Please call 207-550-7608 BEFORE placing your online order with any questions regarding pickup times at our shop OR our local delivery area.

No delivery fee but please tip your delivery driver. You will need to show us two things: • Valid State Driver’s License AND • Valid Medical Cannabis Card upon in store pickup OR delivery We accept valid IDs and Med cards from Maine and other participating states. Sorry, no passports or non-US patients accepted at this time. NOTE: We will not accept expired or fraudulent Med cards.